DAIMONION - Identity vs Virtuality
Film by Stefanie Sixt, 2009 (04:23 Min.)


To Sokrates, "Daimonion" was a higher spirit, a part of the human soul, separated from the gods,
and opposed to the "Logos". This creates our understanding of individuality.

Getting older, individuals develop an identity on their own. A personality gets formed by experiences
and contemplation. Are there limits to that definition?

The internet is a vast array of projection screens. Persons and personalities get translated into avatars,
in MMOs*, VWs** and Social Networks. The opportunity to create an image, projection, avatar apart
from pysical existence will offer new experiences. And problems.

The Movie

"Daimonion" is a story written by life: Via e-mail contact Baerli from Vienna (Austria)
and Mechthild from Augsburg (Germany) get to know each other.
Heated Bearly travels to Augsburg to meet assumed hot Mechthild. As soon as he gets there he has to realize that
Mechthild isn`t the person he had in mind...

The movie consists of two pieces: The supporting film (intro) shows the imaginary e-mail corrspondence, plays with labels
and the common urge for superlatives. The pixelated visualization emphazises the digital media.
The main movie follows the resulting (physical) change of identity in black and white photograps. This part
is inspired by its protagonists, it transcribes the topic in a humorous way.

* Massively Multiplayer Online Games
** Virtual Worlds